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Allco promotes safety by making it an integral part of our culture.

It is our policy to abide by all federal, state, and local regulations as they pertain to our operations. We apply good sense and safe practices as dictated by the condition and circumstances of each job and our team regularly exercise good judgement in the application of the safety policy. All jobsites are required to have a copy of our safety manual and referred to on a daily basis.

Our Safety Director has over 40 years experience and is a certified OSHA trainer and reports directly to the President of Allco. He is responsible for performing site inspections twice a month, and provides the basic topics for our weekly tool box safety meetings. We want to get the job done safely and accurately while maximizing productivity, but never at the cost of accidents. We’re a family at Allco, therefore, we treat each and every employee as such.

Allco strives to empower each employee with the knowledge and skill needed to practice and maintain good safety habits. Our Superintendents act as the daily on-site safety manager, and every Allco employee is empowered to identify, notify, and prevent potential injury.

We make safety our top priority and have been able to consistently log over 2 million man-hours without any safety incidents. The Associated General Contractors of America has awarded Allco the Certificate of Excellence for Excellent Achievement in Jobsite Safety.